Community Circle

Creating and maintaining digital communities

The Community Circle supports organizations and projects in the realization and maintenance of digital communities.

Creating communities

Creating digital communities

The 'commit' button for the first release of the software has been pressed. Congratulations, your organization has just published its first open source software on the Internet! In the preceding process, you and your team have been busy developing software code, choosing the right licensing structure and making various agreements about publishing the source code. Perhaps you have had help from us in that period to build the program structure, or you have already considered which user group is interested in the open source software you have published, or there are existing users that you want to involve in an open source community. Now is the time to take the next step, building an open source community.

Wij hebben de kennis in huis om met jou mee te denken hoe je de bestaande open source communities kunt bereiken, welke meerwaarde dit kan bieden voor jouw software en hoe je een enthousiaste gebruikersgroep om je heen verzamelt.

Sailboard HELPS creating digital communities

Maintaining communities

Managing digital communities

Already existing digital communities require care and attention. Due to the rapid growth in the number of members, maintenance is no longer as easy as it was at the start of the community. And a number of those who are involved would rather go in a different direction than you originally thought. How do you deal with this? These examples are just a few of everyday aspects of managing digital communities. We like to think along with your organization about how the existing community can work optimally for everyone. To this end, we can define and execute a number of actions together, but of course we can also temporarily take over some tasks, such as moderating the community or carrying out the social media activities.



Sailboard HELPS maintaining digital communities
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