Competence Circle

Develop competences and leadership

Our Competence Circle supports employees of (open source) organizations and projects in developing competencies and leadership.


Developing open competences

83% of managers responsible for recruiting IT staff mentioned in The Linux Foundation's "2018 Open Source Job Report" that recruiting open source talent is their priority. If we look at the areas in which these managers look for talent, the areas Linux and Cloud are at the top. In the top 8 of the required knowledge of these talents, knowledge of Cloud techniques is at the top of the list. Knowledge of Container techniques follows at number two with a huge leap compared to the 2017 report. It is clear that open source techniques follow each other very quickly, but how does the knowledge level of employees of your organization remain continuously up to date? And which soft skills are necessary?


Sailboard associates can personally guide employees in the field of competence development, based on their experience.

Open leadership

Developing open leadership

To achieve the characteristics of open organizations (Greater agility, faster innovation and increased engagement), it is necessary to build innovative and engaged teams. Motivation and involvement of leaders within the organization is essential to achieve these goals. An open leader is not a boss but a driver who is willing to give confidence to the environment, stimulates and values transparency and cooperation, but also senses the passion and emotion of employees. An open leader ensures knowledge sharing and has the confidence that the teams can implement the necessary changes in the organization.


Sailboard helps IT managers to develop open leadership by guiding them completely "in the shadow". Inside and outside office hours, at an location where the supported leader feels comfortable.


Companies love open source

Companies love open source: talent is therefore difficult to find. Open source technicians and open source leaders are more popular than ever.

It is very important that open source professionals are properly guided in their first and/or next challenge. Sailboard therefore only focuses on the recruitment of open source professionals.

Thanks to the Dutch Innovation Factory and the associated community, our network also includes young professionals from college education.


Sailboard helps companies to recruit open source talent and provide long-term guidance.

Open Source Competence Framework

The Open Source Competence Framework

One of the products Sailboard is working on is the "Open Source Competence Framework". Based on various roles, this framework contains a guide which knowledge and competences are required for the development, implementation and management of open source software.

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