Compliance Circle

Maintaining open source licenses

The Compliance Circle supports organizations and projects in the management of open source licenses.


pen source software is a collective term for software of which the maker has made the source code publicly available. However, this does not mean that the software is not copyrighted. Also, being able to view the source code does not always give the right to adjust the software. The author of the software has made a choice: the open source license.

This open source license specifies the conditions for viewing, using and adjusting the software. In practice there are many different open source licenses.

These are easiest to divide into three categories:
No obligation to disclose
Partial Disclosure Obligation
Full Disclosure Obligation

For the daily use of open source software in organizations, the use of different licenses can create confusion and challenges.


Sailboard helps organizations to use and manage open source licenses.

License auditing and assurance

When realizing software products, the right choice must be made under which (open source) license this software will be marketed. Many different licenses are in use during the use and reuse of open source software.

Periodically auditing the used licenses is therefore an absolute necessity to be able to continue to prove within the organization that licenses are being used correctly.

With the help of software products, software code can be scanned for license information, security and hardening, so that compliance can be continuously assured.


Sailboard advises in choosing and maintaining the correct OPEN SOURCE license(s).
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