Management Circle

Improving the use of open source software

The Management Circle supports organizations in improving their usage of open source software, for example by setting up and maintaining open source programs, building open organizations, and tender support.

Open Source Program Management

Developing Open Source Program Management / Office (OSPO)

Open source software is now widely used by organizations in various sectors. However, open source is not always fully understood by the decision makers within these organizations.

Innovation in open source has its own methodology and generally does not follow traditional processes. One of the biggest differences is that open source development is a continuous collaboration, while traditional software has a more closed mentality.

For many companies, the necessary change in approaching open source  does not come naturally. The use of an open source program (Open Source Program Office, OSPO) is therefore essential to support and standardize the use of open source components within the organization and to align it with the long-term vision of an organization.

By creating an open source program, standardized agreements regarding policy and code use, the (return) of code to the community, the selection and auditing of open source components can be made. Training can also be realized and the legal consequences for this open source policy, as well as legal compliance with it, can be maintained.


Sailboard helps organizations to independently develop, realize and manage an Open Source Program Office (OSPO)



Open Organization

Characteristics of an Open Organization

Openness is becoming increasingly central to the ways groups and teams of all sizes are working together to achieve shared goals. And today, the most forward-thinking organizations—whatever their missions—are embracing openness as a necessary orientation toward success. They've seen that openness can lead to:

Greater agility: as members are more capable of working toward goals in unison and with shared vision;

Faster innovation: as ideas from both inside and outside the organization receive more equitable consideration and rapid experimentation, and;

Increased engagement: as members clearly see connections between their particular activities and an organization's overarching values, mission, and spirit.

While every organization is different—and therefore every example of an open organization is unique—we believe these five characteristics serve as the basic conditions for openness in most contexts:

  • Transparency
  • Inclusivity
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Community





Tendersupport for Governments

The policy of the Dutch government is aimed at ensuring that open source software is preferred for equal suitability.

Is your organization obliged to tender for the supply of open source software or for the purchase of services? When tendering open source software, people often think: "The software is free, right?". An open source license on a software product enforces that the source code of the software is public and that modifications to the source code must predominantly also be made public. Often, contracting organizations also use support contracts for the software.

The guidelines from the government, as published by PianoO / NOiV, were realized in the period 2008-2011 and provide little guidance on the changes that have taken place in recent years. We have the in-house knowledge to improve the quality of the tender, making the tender a success.


TENDERSUPPORT for tenderers

The policy of the Dutch government is aimed at ensuring that open source software is preferred for equal suitability.

Does your organization offer open source software, open source services and / or open standards? We have the knowledge in-house to have your organization perform a promising registration and to get the contract awarded.

Sailboard helps governments and tenderers in tenders in which open source software, open source services and / or open standards are requested, before, during and after the tender.
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