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About Us

Heading towards Open Ecosystems

Heading towards ecosystems with open organizations, open leadership and better use cases of open source software, licenses and standards.


Together towards open ecosystems

Greater agility, faster innovation and increased engagement are the keywords of our services.

Community Circle

The Community Circle supports organizations and projects in building and maintaining communities.

Competence Circle

The Competence Circle supports employees of open (source) organizations and projects in developing competencies and leadership.

Compliance Circle

The Compliance Circle supports organizations and projects in the management of open source licenses.

Management Circle

The Management Circle supports organizations in improving their usage of open source software, for example by setting up and maintaining open source programs, building open organizations, and tender support.

Contributing to open ecosysteems

Building open ecosystems together

In order to achieve more open organizations at our customers, we are constantly looking for partners who can contribute to our open ecosystem.

Sailboard Associates are partner entrepreneurs or employees of partner companies who can fulfill flexible roles within our circles. Our circles are self-directing, based on an agreed common goal.

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