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Products: OSPOvision

OSPOvision: the standard approach for developing an Open Source Program Office

An Open Source Program Office or Open Source Competence Center is an internal group or department within an organization that focuses on the development, use and contribution to open source software. The primary objectives of an OSPO are to help the organization manage their use of open source software, to contribute to open source projects, and to initiate and manage their own open source projects.

The following focus areas are defined in OSPOvision's standard approach:

* Purposes of use
* Trust goals
* Cultural goals
* Engagement goals
* Strategy goals

Through OSPOvision, Sailboard helps organizations implement an Open Source Program Office / Open Source Competence Center in 8 weeks based on a standard approach.

This standard approach includes the following steps:

Initiation of the OSPO (week 1)
* Preparation and kick-off (1 day)
* Identifying focus areas (1 day)
* Identifying activities (1 day)
* Pitching and validating OSPO business case (1 day)
* Installation/configuration of GGI tooling (1 day)

OSPO Kickstart sessions (week 2)
* Kickstart session Purposes (1 day)
* Kickstart session on Confidence Goals (1 day)
* Kickstart session Cultural Goals (1 day)
* Kickstart Session Engagement Goals (1 day)
* Kickstart session Strategy Goals (1 day)

Getting started with the OSPO activities (weeks 3 to 6)
During this period, the OSPO team will start working on the activities itself and Sailboard will be available in the background.

OSPO Review Sessions (week 7)
* Review session Objectives (1 day)
* Review session Trust Goals (1 day)
* Review session Cultural Goals (1 day)
* Engagement Goals Review Session (1 day)
* Strategy Goals Review Session (1 day)

Conclusion of OSPO implementation phase (week 8)
* Celebrating successes and determining next steps (1 day)

Even though the OSPOvision approach is standard, the required time investment from the organization can differ per type and size of the organization. We are happy to take you along during the preparations to highlight not only the benefits of the OSPO, but also the required investments in time and resources, but also in implementation.

Want to know more about the costs of OSPOvision? You will soon be able to download the OSPOvision brochure here.

Of course we are already available. Feel free to schedule a consultation via our contact page.